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Scu, © 2008 Olga Morris

About Olga Morris

Melbourne artist, Olga Morris, presents exciting and original works that demonstrate the power of this medium to explore our nature and move the viewer. She has been exhibiting since 2007 and her unique vision was immediately apparent. She wields her digital tools with the assurance of a focused artist with plenty to say. The works are beautifully composed and make reference to the history of our contemporary issues. They are occasionally darkly moody, sometimes humorous and always incisive. Olga's mastery of the medium is apparent as we take in the range of her expression, from architectural abstracts, and spatial symphonies, to fluid portraits and landscapes "plasticised" to reveal their structural DNA. Often these works play out like a theater in an abstracted space.

Her style is a refined synthesis of colour, pattern, drawing, and replication, usually referring to the figure, landscape and built environment. The works are emotionally fraught, but however personal, resonate with our experience of this age.

Dr. Manfred Krautschneider, 2011

Process and Artist's Statement

"As the work takes direction, I elaborate by building on the foundation, adding many layers for the required density and dimensionality, constructing the images and patterns, until the forms and colours interact with each other to give expression and meaning to my ideas. My work’s main objective is to communicate an alternative perspective on reality. The issues include: the transmutation of the natural by biotechnology and genetic manipulation; the transformation of our natural and man made environment through architectural replication; the changing reality of plastics and electronic media; and the shifting character of the private versus public persona.”

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